Article for AIM Connection Newsletter

The AIDC 100 is a non-profit, self-sustaining, non-political association of automatic identification / data capture (AIDC) professionals and others who have significantly contributed to the growth and advancement of the industry. This prestigious group was chartered on May 13, 1997. It should be noted that every past Richard Dilling Award winner is an AIDC 100 member.

The organization is a technical and business resource. It is one whose primary goal is to enlarge the business community's knowledge and understanding of AIDC. With renewed vigor, it is now working with organizations like AIM in order to highlight industry issues and institute programs that will collectively bring various factions together in a harmonious and mutually beneficial manner.

AIDC 100 is co-hosting the Richard Dilling Award at the AIM meeting in March and is also co-hosting two days of RFID-based educational programs at the same event. In addition, AIDC 100 is making plans for a much needed “Truth in Technologies” forum to be held on October 20, 2004. The emphasis will be placed on the convergence of Bar Coding and RFID.  Many significant contentious issues will be discussed with the intention of laying the groundwork for better understanding for both suppliers and users.

AIDC 100 membership is open to the nomination of anyone who has made significant contributions to the enhancement of the automatic identification industry. For more information on this group and its members, go to: