Teddy Goldberg
1926 – 2018

Teddy Goldberg, age 91, the retired co-founder and co-owner of Scan Newsletter and an AIDC100 inductee, died on June 20, 2018 in a hospital in Manhasset, NY. She passed away peacefully in her sleep after a seven-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Teddy Allen was born in Brooklyn, NY in June, 1926. Her parents were Jewish immigrants from two tiny villages in Eastern Europe. During the 1920s, her father owned an automobile garage and later, after the Depression, he worked as a baker. Teddy grew up in her parents’ home on E. 7th Street in Brooklyn with one older brother, Walter. She graduated from James Madison High School in 1944.

Teddy met George Goldberg when she was 16. He was a year older and lived just one block away on E. 8th Street. During the WW II, while she was still in high school, she served in the National Security Women’s Corps, an auxiliary group which supported the war effort. She also started college at night and passed the civil service exam in order to work for a year (1944) as the secretary to the Lieutenant in charge of the Naval Clothing Depot in Brooklyn. She completed two years at NY’s City College before taking a full-time job, at age 19, as the office manager in Manhattan for a small fabrics manufacturer (where she worked for five years).

George came home in 1946 from the Army in Europe and they were married the next year in Brooklyn during the Great Blizzard of 1947, with a honeymoon in Lake Placid. They were devotedly married for fifty-five exciting and eventful years (including a close professional, working partnership), until his passing in 2003.

From 1950, with the birth of the first of their three children, until 1974, she was a homemaker, raising her family in Jericho, Long Island (where she served on the first PTA and helped plan the new high school), and then Great Neck, NY.

In 1974, she returned to work full-time as co-owner (with George) and office manager of GGX Associates of Great Neck, a leading supplier of bar code film masters and labels for UPC and other applications. In 1977, they also co-founded Scan Newsletter, a management and marketing monthly which covered worldwide developments in the auto-identification industry. She was subscription manager until 1996.

As Scan Newsletter’s reputation grew in the auto-id industry, she regularly attended, with George, the annual SCAN Tech conventions from 1980-96. And, in 2006, she was inducted at Scan Tech in Atlanta, as an honorary member into AIDC100, an organization of the leading professionals from the auto-id industry.

Richard Meyers, chairman emeritus of AIDC100, said on her passing: “Teddy was always a tremendous inspiration and influence on George, who was one of the three founding fathers of AIDC100, and she continued that input for fifteen years after his death. And she was loved by all in the AIDC100 community.”

In 1995, George and Teddy together initiated the Special Collection of Scan Newsletter archives at Stony Brook University, NY. That collection was later expanded to include the papers for the AIDC-100 and other prominent AIDC-100 members.

Teddy will be remembered by all who knew her as a charming and stylish woman who was great listener, who always accessible to everyone, and who was admired and loved by a wide range of friends and family members.

Teddy is survived by her three children — Jeff, Robbi, and David, and his wife, Nanci, and their son, Jonathan.

As Teddy remarked recently, reflecting back, it was her great wish that everyone should love their life as much as she loved hers.