Harold Juckett

When Dick Mindlin prepared to retire as the first staff head of the UCC, the Board decided his successor should be an educator and motivator, skilled in the development and implementation of education programs. The development of the U.P.C. was complete and the grocery industry was well on its way to full use. The Board considered education the Code Councilís primary ongoing function.

In the spring of 1983, a search was initiated to find such a candidate. The winner was Harold Juckett, a career Xerox executive with a significant background in customer education and training. He matched almost perfectly the profile for a successor to Mindlin, Juckett made his first appearance at the November Board meeting, a month before he became an employee.

After Mindlinís retirement, Juckett began to develop his image of what the UCC should be. In his vision, UCC standards should be expanded beyond the grocery industry and across the ocean. It was Hal Juckett who recognized that the UCCís future lay in global supply chain management. When he joined UCC, it had a staff of 7.