Richard Wilcox
19xx - 2007

Dick Wilcox was a true pioneer of bar code development. From 1960 through 1968 he led the 3M Company label development to parallel the Sylvania/GTE scanner invention and deployment, a joint effort to identify and track the movement of railroad cars.

In 1968 he became an early ‘Venture Capitalist when he personally invested $100,000 to assist AIDC 100 members David Collins and Chris Kapsambelis who had left Sylvania to co-found Computer Identics (CI) later joined by AIDC 100 members John Hill, Ed Andersson, Frank Goodfinger, Chuck Mara and Ted Williams.

His passion for technology made him an active and technically savvy contributor as a member of the CI Board from its inception until the company was sold in the 1990s.