Opinions and White Papers

The AIDC 100 is a group of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the automatic identification and data capture industry.

This section has been created to allow the members of the AIDC 100 to share their knowledge on various subjects. To view opinions and white papers on a specific topic, just click on the title. Every member is encouraged to provide their opinion or a white paper on various AUTO ID topics. If you wish that either be posted on this site, please send an email to meyers@cfl.rr.com.


White Paper: Designer QR Codes; Ensuring the “beep” (PDF)

Overcoming RFID Limitations

Supply Chain RFID: Direction or Distraction (PDF)

RFID vs. Bar Codes

RFID: A Balanced Perspective

Bar Codes Aren’t Going Away!


Note: All expressed white papers and opinions are those of various AIDC 100 members and do not necessarily reflect the position of AIDC 100.