2017 Annual Meeting Minutes & Documents

AIDC 100 Annual Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2017
Baltimore, MD

This meeting was held in Baltimore, MD in conjunction with the 2017 UDI Conference.

Following some informal discussion among the attendees, the meeting was called to order at 4:15 pm. The attendees were: David Allais, Paul Berge, Steve Halliday, Jack Householder, John Nachtrieb, George Wright IV, Jane Yallum

The Treasurer’s report by Jack Householder presented a table of cash balances by year for the organization with the current balance being $12,760. In 2016 the organization contributed $25,000 to the AIM and AIDC 100 Educational Development Program administered by MHEFI.

The membership report provided by John Hill was presented by David Allais. During the past year, two members passed away, Fran Beck and Rick Morgan. Subsequent to the meeting it was discovered that John Esserian had passed away last March. Two new members are Chuck Evanhoe and Sho Yu. These events bring the total number of living members to 162 including 132 in the United States and 30 in other countries. There are currently 92 active members including 39 life members. The presentation noted that there are semi-annual emails from the chairman of the membership committee to the membership requesting nominations for new members. However, the attendees could not recall any such solicitation in the last year or two. An action item is to determine when the last such email was sent and if appropriate send one in the near future.

George Wright IV provided a Q & A about UDI (the topic of the conference concurrent with the AIDC 100 meeting). George clarified that the required data fields in the UDI label include device identification plus those attributes tracked by the manufacturer such as lot number, serial number, and dates.

David Allais gave a short overview of DotCode which is currently undergoing a minor revision at AIM. DotCode created by retired AIDC 100 member, Andy Longacre, enables variable data such as lot, serial number, and expiration date to be encoded on small packages traveling down a high-speed production line.

There followed a short discussion of how to stimulate attendance at future AIDC 100 meetings in which it was acknowledged that our meetings need to be concurrent with a larger event such as a trade show or the Auto ID teacher’s institute.

The meeting adjourned about 5:30.

David Allais – Chairman

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